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Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Consultation-liaison psychiatry, also known as psychosomatic medicine, is an exciting subspecialty of psychiatry that focuses on the care of patients with comorbid psychiatric and general medical conditions. Consultation-liaison psychiatry deals with the understanding and advancement of medical science, education, and the provision of healthcare for medically ill patients.

[NEW] APA and The Academy for Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry recently hosted a webinar, "Applying to a CL Fellowship during COVID-19." View the webinar here

Explore a Career in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry:

Consultation-liaison psychiatry sub-specialty training is a one-year fellowship recognized by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Fellowship training in consultation-liaison psychiatry is ideal for trainees who enjoy both the art of psychiatry and the rigor of general medicine. ABPN provides information on certification requirements including training, content, costs, and exam dates.

Understanding the Breadth and Depth of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

This Psych News series uses a case-based approach to review the wide range of roles consultation-liaison psychiatrists have throughout health care. Click the links below to learn how a consultation-liaison psychiatrist works and interacts with the various medical specialties and health systems to help patients.

Try a Rotation in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

Medical students who do a rotation in consultation-liaison psychiatry can learn about different psychiatric manifestations of medical illness and their treatments and about care for medically ill patients who have psychiatric disorders.

For information about how to do a rotation in consultation-liaison psychiatry, contact the education coordinator in your psychiatry department.

Consultation-Liaison Resources for Psychiatry Residents

The Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry (ACLP) has collected resources for psychiatry residents interested in consultation-liaison psychiatry, including fellowship opportunities, educational resources and awards. View their resources here.

View their webinar "Applying to a CL Fellowship during COVID-19" here

APA's Council on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry

The Council on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry focuses on policies and resources for the psychiatric care of persons who are medically ill and thus stands at the interface of psychiatry with other medical specialties.

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