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APA-Managed Campaign Activities

Board-Approved APA-Managed Campaign Activities for 2022-2024 Elections (2-year pilot):

The Board-approved APA-Managed Campaign Activities are as follows:

  1. Virtual Meet-the-Candidate Townhalls held during the campaigning period.
    • These one-hour live sessions will be open to all APA members.
    • Sessions will be recorded and posted on the APA election website for viewing by members who are unable to attend.
  2. A Special Edition APA Election Newsletter of candidates' platforms emailed to all voting members.
  3. Psychiatric News with names and photos of candidates and election details published in December issue.
  4. Individual candidate page on the APA election website serving as a centralized location for all election and candidate-related information.

Candidates may not participate in campaign activities other than the above.

Click here to review newly approved APA Election Guidelines in detail. Highlights include the following:

  • Campaign emails, phone calls, and letters to members are not permitted.
  • Use of any and all APA listservs, including the Member-to-Member listserv, for campaigning is not permitted.
  • Endorsement by organizations is not permitted. Candidates may submit a list of individual endorsements to be included as part of their information posted on the APA election website.
  • Sanctions for violations are included in the new guidelines.

If you have any questions, contact the APA Election Office at [email protected].

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