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APA-Managed Campaign Activities

Board-Approved APA-Managed Campaign Activities for 2022-2023 Elections (two-year pilot)

The Board-approved APA-Managed Campaign Activities are as follows:

  1. A series of virtual Meet-the-Candidate Town Halls held during the week of December 5 at noon (12:00 PM) Eastern.
    • These live sessions will be open to all APA members, and hosted by the APA Elections Committee, chaired by Josepha Cheong, M.D.
    • APA members will have the opportunity to ask questions to candidates.
    • Sessions will be recorded and posted on the APA election website for viewing by members who are unable to attend.
    • To register to attend, click here.
    • To submit questions for candidates to respond during the event, click here.
    2023 Meet-the-Candidates Town Hall Week  
    President-Elect, Secretary, and M/UR Trustee (elected by all voting members) December 5
    Area 2 Trustee (elected by Area 2 members only) December 6
    Area 5 Trustee (elected by Area 5 members only) December 7
    Resident-Fellow Member Trustee-Elect (elected by RFMs only) December 8
  2. APA Election 2023 Guide to the Candidates emailed to all voting members in the beginning of December.
  3. Psychiatric News with names and photos of candidates and election details published in December issue.
  4. Individual candidate page on the APA election website serving as a centralized location for all election and candidate-related information.
  5. One-to-one campaign/election communication by candidates to individual voters is allowed. Campaigning is limited to individual communication through any medium (email, mail, phone call) by a candidate to a single individual recipient. Mass emails (one email to more than one recipient), robocalls, or the use of staff or surrogates to conduct communication via email or mail is not permitted.

Important: Candidates may not participate in campaign activities other than the above, unless approved by the APA Elections Committee. Supporters may not campaign on behalf of the candidates.

Review newly approved APA Election Guidelines (.pdf) in detail.

If you have any questions, contact the APA Election Office at [email protected].

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